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Why become vegan? (four big reasons)

4. Improve your health and prevent disease

The way we eat in the UK is killing us. A typical Western diet of large amounts of animal protein and not enough plant foods, promotes many health problems like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and various cancers. Vegetarians and vegans are not prone to these, and they live longer too. A well planned and varied plant-based diet can meet all your nutritional needs, at any age and activity level, with none of the negative effects of an animal foods diet, and be tasty and filling too.

  • Heart disease and cancer cases are rising globally, as more countries adopt an animal-focussed diet. Animal products are the main cause of degenerative diseases
  • A vegan diet is typically higher in fibre and lower in saturated fat than a diet based around animal products. Thus vegans avoid obesity and cholesterol problems
  • Most animal products contain saturated fat. Human beings don't need to eat any. Saturated fat raises the body's level of bad cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. Find out more about fat and cholesterol
  • Switching to a vegan diet can reverse health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, even allowing the sufferer to stop taking medication in some cases
  • The higher the consumption of dairy products in a population the greater the osteoporosis rate. Find out why dairy products are not good for healthy bones here
  • Many people are lactose intolerent, the inability to digest a type of sugar found in milk. We lose the ability to digest lactose after weaning, when we're supposed to stop drinking milk
  • Milk can trigger allegies, contains growth factors and is full of hormones that are linked to breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer
  • Animal products are the main cause of food poisoning, with chicken being the worst offender
  • We're encouraged to eat fish oil, but fish also come bundled with various toxic chemicals. Read about alternatives to fish oil, and about healthy fats here

Please see the 'Is is healthy?' section for advice on plant-based nutrition.

Several sources informed this section. Get in touch if you'd like any references.